The collection you never know you needed!

The OrciD’or Collection brings both casual and stylish into one. Great for lounging, airport outfit or casual occasion. Everyone can be stylish yet comfortable whilst rocking OrciD’or Collection.

Our collection is suitable for the seasonal with our D’or shades coming in a beautiful range of colours, you can accessorise your outfit with ease.

Spoil yourself and treat your loved ones today with OrciD’or Collection.


The fragrance produces exquisite enhancing scent, this delicious, delightful creation of sweet softness infused with the colourful and rich notes of pomegranate with ginger flower. Enriched with the delicacy of floral, aromatic, and lightened by the freshness of spice.

Orcid'or calls attention of anyone nearby making your presence known. With the new signature invention of orcid’or Oud added to the collection, leaves you addicted with every application of spray. Indulge yourself and treat others to a Orcid’or gift. Be distinct and leave a sensual trail
“Always wear your odor golden"

I received my package! And I'm highly impressed, it smells delicious!
I will save it for special occasions.
Indeed, this smell is way too precious for the London Underground 😄

I wish you all the success with this new endeavour.

Andréa Kamanga

I have had the opportunity try your fragrance and will definitely be adding it to my collection. I have purchased the full size and look forward making it my everyday go to. I do like the balance of sweet and spice - Very elegant!!
All the best and I look forward to your next release.


Thank you so much you gorgeous ladies! I received the order from your company. It arrived sooner than I expected. Your fragrance OrciD'or is beautiful. I love it! I received so many inquiries and compliments. I spray it on just to walk around the house. I look forward to making more orders.