About Us

Orcid'or fragrance is a UK based product. It was founded in 2019 by Orcian Mukoko. Orcian was inspired by her mother Georgette Kivuila who is still present. Orcian’s mother, Geogette Kivuila, took pleasure in fragrances she only wore expensive high end perfumes when she carried Orcian. She then named her daughter Orcian the name had a beautiful meaning; ‘unique heart of gold’ a very unforgettable name. 
Comprehending her purpose, Orcian created Orcid'or to embrace her name alongside with Dor’ which presents her heart of gold. Dor’ in French represents golden
As she grew up she fell in love with perfumes, whenever she walked past she always leaves a pleasant and sweet body odor. Her passion with beautiful fragrances from her mother and herself inspired her to design and create her own unique scent for women around the world to enjoy wearing.